SXSW 22': A Walkabout

April 1st 2022
3 minutes
Calliope Musicals Photo By: Mic Check Team
Mic Check Team

Our team had a few moments of downtime, so we did what we do best, explored the music happenings all throughout Austin. We browsed the app to decide which artists to check out and added each set time to My Plans to help us stay on schedule.  

We started our exploration on Wednesday with the All Day, All Night, Alright Fest put on by some familiar promoter friends Mas Music Records, Howdy Gals, Secret Soup Records and new friends Art Island. In perfect SXSW DIY fashion, the location was a plane-hanger-turned-venue, the high ceilings and industrial vibes softened with artsy embellishments. We were able to catch another set by Bad Waitress and Egg Drop Soup, who played for us the previous day. Isla de Caras brought their hypnotic sounds all the way from Argentina and Limelight closed the night with a DJ set. Headlining the showcase were local Austin favorites Skunk, Megafauna, TC Superstar and the immensely entertaining Calliope Musicals. Between one of a kind vocals, a lot of visual spectacle and a creative take on classic rock n roll, Calliope Musicals always delivers. They sent us off into the night after tossing “Happy Pills” (cleverly branded props) and showering the crowd in colorful confetti. (Don’t worry Mom, they were just TicTacs. Gotta stay fresh. @ TicTacs for missing out on a great sponsorship opp.)

On Thursday, our crew meandered around downtown and over to the beautiful Zilker Park. With the Austin skyline as backdrop, hometown label Spaceflight Records showcased a few local big shots including Croy and the Boys, Kalu & the Electric Joint, Trail of Dead, Heartless Bastards and Golden Dawn Arkestra. Spoiler alert, we learned the hard way that the show was NOT BYOB…buuutttt we found plenty of room on the Long Center lawn to munch on Whataburger and enjoy the show from afar.  

No SXSW is complete without venturing over to Hotel Vegas & The Volstead Lounge. With 4 stages running at a time, there’s no better place to explore a high volume of SXSW artists. Our Friday plans were to strap in for a long evening and marvel at the showcase curation of SpaceAgency Booking.  We enjoyed sets by Elephant Stone, Gift, Silver Synthetic, Worn-Tin, Art D’Ecco and Film School while re-falling in love with Austin locals Holy Wave and Blushing. We were pleasantly surprised to learn of a Houston band keeping our adult hearts teenage-angsty, check out Narrow Head if you want to relive those grunge dreams.  

You may not be familiar with the artist, you may not know the song, you may not know the stranger next to you, but it doesn’t matter, because you are all enjoying a live music experience. That’s why we’re here.  Want to find these artists we’re raving about? Discover them on Mic Check’s mobile app and website at  

Mic Check truly values the live music experience and currently shines a spotlight on the Live Music Capital of the World.  Our shows are produced with the spirit of discovery in mind, featuring music of varying  to re-amp the authentic roots of Austin where all creatives can have their spotlight.  

Are you living in the Live Music Capital of the World? Then use Mic Check to find and follow all your favorite local bands to never miss a live show! Just visiting Austin and want to experience what the buzz is about? Use Mic Check to discover shows during your visit and understand the power of Austin’s live music experience. Download the app today and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to make moves with us!

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