Discover Live Music in Austin

January 2nd 2021
2 mins

I first moved to downtown Austin in January 2020 for the music.  Being able to walk down 6th St or Red River Street and pop into whatever bar was playing the sound I was looking for that night was a privilege I largely took for granted. Each night out was an opportunity to find my new favorite band.

Every morning I’d wake up to realize I had no idea how to find where the bands were playing next to see them again.  Digging through Instagram and Facebook for the next show for every band was never going to work for me.

Three months later, the music stopped entirely.  Right before the start of my favorite music festival SXSW, COVID 19 forced Austin to shut down its very soul:  Live Music.

Live music is finally returning to Austin and figuring out where our favorite bands are playing live has never been more challenging.  Our favorite artists and venues face challenging decisions.

Mic Check enables fans to discover new bands playing locally with a short preview of how they look and sound live, and track where they are playing next.

There is no undoing the last year.  My sincerest hope is that Mic Check can help support artists and venues in doing what they do best:  putting on the incredible live shows that make Austin the Live Music Capital of the World.
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