SXSW 22': Mic Check @ Tillery Live!

April 7th 2022
3 minutes
Photo By: Devante Tillotson
Article By: Mic Check's Ari Alexander

A spellbinding view over the Colorado River and a wide-open sky set the backdrop for the sickest beats during the Tillery Live show on Saturday, March 19 at the Tillery Kitchen & Bar.

Sponsored by entertainment and talent management group Prmtd entertainment, and podcast Musicians Can Thrive, this rap, hip/hop, R&B event featured many inspiring artists to watch out for.

With infectious energy from all sponsors and artists to kick off the event, the show featured rappers like Nawfside O’Malley, Drippy x Jinx, J Saenz, and Rambro the Bexgawd, while R&B artists Ejay Mallard,  Leo Soul, and D. Harmon showed us business. We had boss-ass ladies LAADY J, Honie Gold, soul singer/songwriter MYND, Moana Tela, Misty Blanco, Shannon Sionna, Jae, and Jet the 3rd shuttin’ it down, and we can’t forget hip-hop artists E Twiss, Vintage Jay, Uncle Waxx, and Tvlor Mvde. This glowing sunset lineup was timed perfectly for spittin’ bars on fire beats; you could feel the energy, positivity, and creativity a mile away.

Personally, I was very excited for this show before it started. While Mic Check ticketed the event, we were present for soundchecks and observed everything from setup to closing performances. From my perspective, these artists truly love doing what they’re doing, – being creative, vulnerable, honest, brave, etc. Each artist was super supportive of the next creating an incredibly lighthearted and genuinely fun environment. These atmospheres are what Mic Check is all about. Whether you’re a fan of an artist from across the country or down the street, we strive to connect artists and fans, share the love of music, and live the music experience to the fullest.  

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