SXSW 22': The Mic Check Discovery Showcase

April 1st 2022
3 minutes
Photo By @imashoots
Article By: Ari Alexander

Our week at SXSW 2022 continued with another fantastic show at the Swan Dive in Austin, TX on Friday, March 18th. We hosted eight headbangin’, groove makin' artists from around the globe at the Mic Check Discovery Showcase.  It was a beautiful day; couldn’t have asked for better weather, better music or better company as these incredible artists filled up attendee’s SXSW cup with a range of flavors.  

Ramping up from the start, the London four-piece Crows was a surefire way to get the energy going, their use of a vintage Ribbon microphone a particularly special treat for us (IYKYK). The Norwegian group Fieh was sunshine personified; between their positivity, groove and 70’s fashion style one couldn’t help but smile and dance along to their “serotonin for the soul”. Philadelphia artist Shamir stunned us with their vocal range and authenticity, not shy to any notes. The crowd was particularly fond of Italian alt psych fixture New Candys, who build up a sonically sensational environment before layering in lyrics, almost as a complimentary afterthought. Vancouver’s Meltt had us swaying with our eyes closed, lost in their immersive sound bath. Next, as a change of pace, Reserva Fantasma transformed the Austin venue into a jungle with twisty tropical sounds from Costa Rica. Then, the all-womxn band from Minneapolis, Gully Boys, rocked it up again with an infectious energy and incredible cover of Hole’s Violet. The Dublin group Sprints knocked the closing set straight outta the front door and won over our hearts with a flame colored hair toss. From strong start to incredible finish, the Mic Check Discovery Showcase brought us back to the heart of the SXSW festival.  

You may not be familiar with the artist, you may not know the song, you may not know the stranger next to you, but it doesn’t matter, because you are all enjoying a live music experience. That’s why we’re here.  Want to find these artists we’re raving about? Discover them on Mic Check’s mobile app and website at  

Mic Check truly values the live music experience and currently shines a spotlight on the Live Music Capital of the World.  Our shows are produced with the spirit of discovery in mind, featuring music of varying tastes and cultures to re-amp the authentic roots of Austin where all creatives can have their spotlight.  

Are you living in the Live Music Capital of the World? Then use Mic Check to find and follow all your favorite local bands to never miss a live show! Just visiting Austin and want to experience what the buzz is about? Use Mic Check to discover shows during your visit and understand the power of Austin’s live music experience. Download the app today and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to make moves with us! 

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