Mic Check for the Traveler

April 12th 2022
Photo By: @imashoots
Andrea Hunnicutt

As someone who travels extensively for their job, I try to combine my love of live music with my work trips. While it sometimes works out to hit up a big show in a place I am heading to, more often than not I have no idea what shows are happening in the locations I visit. When you aren’t from that city it can be difficult to find the venues around town let alone what bands might be playing, if its your vibe, how far it is, and if it’s worth checking out.

I love Austin because of the live music scene and the ability to walk down the street, listen for the sound you are looking for, pop in and check it out. But even with the vibrant music scene, it was hard to know where to go each night to catch the best show for what I was feeling like that day. A friend introduced me to the Mic Check app, and it has been a game changer in that regard.

The app functions kind of like a dating app but for finding bands. When I get to town, I can scroll through what artists are playing over the next few nights and see profiles of each artist with a brief description of their genre and most include snippets of their live performance. I can see how far away they are playing, directions to the venue, set times, lineups if they are playing with other bands, and even get tickets through the app for some shows. It is literally a one stop shop for a traveling music lover like me.

With Mic Check I have discovered multiple bands I would have never known about otherwise. I can ‘like’ bands on the app so I can be notified when they will have an upcoming show. This is much easier than trying to follow a bunch of bands on social media to determine when and where they will be playing next. Traveling for work can be a lonely gig, but I have actually ended up meeting a lot of cool people at these shows and Austin has turned into a home away from home for me. I wish I had a tool like this in every city I visit.

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