SXSW 22': Our First SXSW 🥺 - The Warm Up

March 29, 2022
3 minutes
Blue Bravura Photo By: Amy Nguyen
Article By: The Mic Check Team

In true Austin fashion, Mic Check’s first SXSW started with a bang Friday night a weekend early before the official SXSW music festival.  If you were brave enough to venture out into the cold, you would catch a sneak preview of some of our favorite artists who would be performing throughout the week.  

 Our friends Blue Bravura kicked us into high gear throwing a house show at Mirror House (shhh secret address).  The Juniper Berries got the energy going first with their unique experimental pop rock matching the vibes of the psychedelic light show put on by Mirror House. Golden Days jumped in next with catchy indie rock riffs leaving us singing about loving Margerine all week.  Our host for the evening Blue Bravura jumped in next giving us an exclusive preview of some of their upcoming yet to be released material.    Closing out the night we had Mister Davis, the solo project of Andrew Davis from Animals on TV bringing down the curtains with his soulful rock sounds.  

Saturday, we were ready to Wine-d Up at Wanderlust East with a few of our favorite local singer/songwriters.  Wanderlust East is one of the largest self-pour wine on tap winery where you can travel the world through wine, one wine flight at a time.  With colorful graffiti art covering the walls of the former Infinite Monkey Theorem space, it’s easy to lose track of time (& number of glasses).  Add in the story telling of singer Scott Collins and R&B songstress Bianca B-Lo, and you have the perfect recipe to get in the relaxation before SXSW kicks into full gear.  

You may not be familiar with the artist, you may not know the song, you may not know the stranger next to you, but it doesn’t matter, because you are all enjoying a live music experience. That’s why we’re here.  Want to find these artists we’re raving about? Discover them on Mic Check’s mobile app and website at  

Mic Check truly values the live music experience and currently shines a spotlight on the Live Music Capital of the World.  Our shows are produced with the spirit of discovery in mind, featuring music of varying tastes and cultures to re-amp the authentic roots of Austin where all creatives can have their spotlight.  

Are you living in the Live Music Capital of the World? Then use Mic Check to find and follow all your favorite local bands to never miss a live show! Just visiting Austin and want to experience what the buzz is about? Use Mic Check to discover shows during your visit and understand the power of Austin’s live music experience. Download the app today and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to make moves with us! 

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