Feature Release 01: Discover SXSW 22'

March 1st 2022
4 minutes
Photo By: David Brendan Hall

The leading platform to find out about shows seems to be Instagram.  How did a platform designed to share photos become where music fans find out about live shows?  Even if you’re in the know and follow all the hottest Austin artists you are only going to see about 11% of their posts.  Mic Check removes the algorithms that favor the artists with a million followers and provides everyone an equal opportunity to have their show seen.  

Artists are free to list their sets themselves, or tag Mic Check Instagram (@get_mic_check) in their show announcement to make sure the whole show is listed on the Mic Check app.  

At Mic Check, we want to build the best possible tool to help music lovers explore music in Austin.  Whether you’re a life long Austinite or are new in town, there is always sooo much music happening that its impossible to keep up with it.  And with SXSW we multiply that by about 10X.  

Last-minute shows, ambiguous wristband requirements, and adding in shifting COVID policies make finding shows fans WANT and CAN go to challenging.  Mic Check took it first a stab at changing the game.  Our developers went pedal to the Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol metal to build out as many features as we could to help fans navigate SXSW.

First, we rolled out some additional genres (LGBTQ, Drag, African, SXSW Official and Thrash) per the request of our users to ensure we had a complete and inclusive set of genres for artists to choose from.  Next, our team added in genre filters to help fans find their specific niche to match their mood at any given moment.  

To help our artists, we integrated artist profiles with their Youtube channels.  Linking to Youtube lets artists leverage their existing content to help prospective fans decide if they want to follow that artist while adding to those Youtbue view counts.  Once a user has explored whose playing and built out their list of liked artists all that’s left to do is see when they are playing and what restrictions their shows may have.  

Users are not only able to filter for a specific day they are looking for a show on both discovery and their liked artists, fans can also sort by the show’s requirements.  Whether you're like me the last 6 SXSWs running around without a wristband, or in town trying to figure out the ever-changing COVID polices of venues, searching for your perfect show during SXSW and beyond has never been easier.

Stay tuned, we have even more features planned to create the best possible local music community.  And please hit us up with your suggestion on what features you need to elevate local live music at info@themiccheck.com.

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