The Intro- Mic Check...1...2. Is this thing on?

May 24th 2021
3 mins
Austin City Skyline by David Brendan Hall

Mic Check came to me after years of scouring the multitude of media platforms bands use to announce and promote their shows. Many nights of missed opportunities led me to envision a centralized platform where I could find local shows, discover new artists, track and support my favorites and share my music experience with the Austin community. The idea became a topic of conversation with friends from all facets of the industry for months, hashing out details and logistics that could add the most value to our users.

Last year, the entertainment industry faced an immense amount of uncertainty. Many venues, workers, bands, fans and community members lost an otherwise indispensable part of themselves. Most of us made every attempt to support the scene where we could but efforts often felt unfocused and spread thin. Between live streams, pre-recorded sets and a surge in YouTube TV, it all had us feeling whiplash. The infrastructure of our beloved industry was raw and exposed. The time was right for new approaches, new ideas and new connections to help us bring it back, better equipped than before. 

As shows slowly trickle back to life, it’s become apparent that the old way of doing things has changed. Now more than ever, the Austin music scene needs a reliable tool that focuses on growth, engagement and community. Mic Check serves as a free, user-friendly, streamlined app that puts every aspect of the music scene right at your fingertips. With our initial launch, you’ll be able to track your favorite local artists, get up to date show announcements and recommendations, watch Spotlights of shows around town and share your own live experience with the community. 

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