The Verse- Fan Experience

June 4th 2021
2 mins
Billie Eilish at Austin City Limits by David Brendan Hall

With Mic Check, fans drive the success of their favorite local artists. Even in the face of a turbulent and evolving industry, the most essential element still remains the artist-to-fan connection. We’ve developed certain tools and features intending to strengthen this connection. 

As an event platform, users can easily stay up to date on local show announcements. With so much content flooding our news feeds, live music can be challenging to find. Mic Check is specifically designed to filter shows based on your preferences, allow you to track specific artists, and provide users with more efficient resources to champion local music.

Fans using Mic Check’s discovery feature can quickly find upcoming artists, check out their profile and get information about their shows. Artist profiles matching user preferences consist of photos, a short bio, and 3 “Taste Tester” videos; one 15 second teaser and two 30 second recaps from past live performances.  By following an artist, the band is added to your tracking list so you never miss out on another show.  

When you attend a show, you can check-in by scanning the venue’s QR code. This helps aggregate event data that ultimately improves a user’s artist and show recommendations. You will also have the option to scan each specific band’s QR code. This will bring you to the band’s profile, allow you to easily submit a Spotlight, log your attendance and improve the artist’s profile stats. With Mic Check’s Spotlight feature, fans share 15-second highlight videos of attended shows. The fan experience is the best measurement of an artist’s potential, provides a vibe guide for fellow fans, and supports a sense of music community.  A portion of each artist’s profile is dedicated directly to fan Spotlights, so users on Mic Check are actively engaged in building artists' profiles, fanbase, future gig opportunities, and careers.

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