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For Tickets to Tribute Fest please use links below:
ATX Tribute Fest Day @ Far Out Lounge
ATX Tribute Fest Day 2 @ The Ballroom

Mic Check is a DIY ticketing solution that specializes in
artist-specific sales data for multi-artist shows

Mic Check’s ticketing goes beyond competitors by:
  • Capturing both primary and secondary sales data to guide business decisions
  • increasing sales with event discovery
  • having the lowest ticketing fees
Attendance data breakdown by:
  • Venue
  • Artist(s)
  • Promoter(s)

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Ticket Purchase Workflow

Track which event partners convert
promotional efforts into ticket sales:

  • Artist(s)
  • Promoter(s)
  • Venue
  • Mic Check Discovery pages

enables users to indicate which artist(s) they are attending the event to support

Provides more accurate
attendance data per artist
than any other ticketing platform

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Sell More Tickets
With Discovery

Users can:

Image by David Brendan Hall

Search for shows based on date, genre, age restrictions and other preferences

Preview live performances with
short video clips

Purchase tickets directly through the platform, increasing ticket sales by up to 46% with organic show discovery

Track sales activity of each event partner
Artist(s), Promoter(s), Venue

Track each artist’s profile conversion rates to guide
additional promotional efforts and business decisions.

Generate email lists of users who viewed artists’ profiles, clicked ticket link and purchased a ticket for look alike audience marketing

Transparent Pricing

Mic Check is
free to use

as your ticketing provider

We charge less than any other major ticketing company

with a flat fee of only $.50/ticket  to maximize attendance
Additional payment processor fees and taxes may apply

Growth for the Live
Music Capital of the World

Mic Check provides a unique platform designed to cultivate the independent music community and help every level of fan connect with local live music. Our goal is to strengthen our community by making it more accessible and prosperous.

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